Rarri 458

This Ferrari 458 was brought to us with one end goal in mind: make it look as great as it performs. I believe we achieved exactly that! The owner opted for our Ceramic Pro Silver package, which entails all exterior surfaces to be protected: Paint, Glass, Wheels and Plastics. During this project, we were also able to have a nice change of scenery by stepping away from our shop and going mobile. Our services were performed 100% in the clients garage. The paint received 2 layers of our 9h coating and 1 layer of Light. This dynamic duo creates an extremely slick, chemical resistant, glossy and hydrophobic finish that comes with a 5 year warranty. Fortunately only a single step polish was required to refine the paint, considering it was swirl free for the most part, with an exception to the rear end.

Protected by Alpha Precision Detailing, the proud owner of this Ferrari 458 can now rest assured that it is protected by the best and supported by a company that has their back!

-Robert Trevino


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