2015 MasterCraft Boat

After two years of ownership and enjoyment, the owner of this gorgeous Mastercraft boat decided it was time to add some protection to his water toy. He reached out to Alpha Precision Detail to inquire about our Marine specific Ceramic coatings from Ceramic Pro. After educating the potential client about the benefits he will receive with our coating line, we scheduled to have the boat dropped off within the next week. Once we received the vessel, paint prep immediately began.

After a thorough wash, clay and degreasing of every painted surface. The next step was to remove the large decal lettering on the side of the boat. This was a must, due to the water etching and scratches that surrounded the lettering that we would not have been able to reach otherwise.
Certain areas of the boat needed light water sanding in order to refine some deeper scratches left behind. After multiple compounding and polishing steps we were able to bring back the gloss and clarity in the gel coat of this boat.
We then applied 2 layers of Marine coating and 1 layer of light throughout the whole boat, from top to bottom. This combination results in 3 year warranty and the benefits are as follows, Protection from:
• Salt Water Corrosion
• Bird droppings and staining
• Faded and Oxidation form UV damage
• Marine Growth and Water line straining
The owner of this boat will now be able to spend more time enjoying his investment, and less time worrying about maintaining it. With ceramic pro, washing this boat will now be much easier and almost effortless and of course less time consuming.
In addition to the paint, we also coated the vinyl, glass and tower. All surfaces will now have hydrophobic and “self-cleaning” properties.
To learn more about how we can protect your automobile or Marine vehicle, shoot us an email Alphaprecisiondetailing@gmail.com , or give us a call at 210-562-0154. We look forward to serving you.


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